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Our Company

C R Software will meet your business challenge with our software and hardware solutions.  We will help your business effectively use computer and Internet technology to solve your unique business problems.

As a system solutions company, the staff at CR Software consists of business people who understand technology as well as business.

With our partnering approach, CR Software has helped many companies of all sizes and interests by integrating the user's special business needs with the technology of computerization.  We specialize in building solutions for unique or complex issues, keeping pace with the rapidly changing area of emerging technologies.

Our Mission

With our experience in automating business processes, our staff will work with customers to help them implement the best solution to their problems.  C R Software has become more of a systems integration company, helping customers best utilize the technology and hardware available in todays marketplace

Company Profile

CR Software was founded in 1992, yet our experience goes back to 1979 working in the information system industry.  With strong backgrounds in system design and programming as well as training, our staff has worked on many projects ranging from the computerization of Blood Banking inventory to Point-of-Sale systems in hardware stores, Cable TV Billing systems to Frozen and Fresh Food Processing Control systems

Contact Information 

C R Software Inc
1485 Wyvern Rd
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Nova Scotia, Canada
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